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Agricultural Crop Production, Food Processing, Wholesale and Retail Sales

We are a group of companies based in Chiba Prefecture in Japan. Our operations are based in Tako, Yokoshibahikari, Asahi, Sosa, Sakae (Narita).
We focus on mainly organic crops (rice, vegetables and fruits) from our own fields and also buy from local farmers in the region. Fresh harvest gets processed daily and is then sold to hotels, restaurants and other establishments, as well as to retail customers through our supermarkets.

On Minori Farm, a free-range poultry farm, we grow a special type of Japanese domestic chicken called Okazaki Ouhan. Our chicken enjoy life in nature and eat good organic feed, which allows them to lay delicious eggs.

Halal made in Japan

Our team companies specialize in the production and sales of high quality halal food made in Japan. Despite a large influx of Muslim visitors every year, the halal food market in Japan is still underserved. Our food products are targeted at both Japanese and foreign consumers regardless of their faith. Our goal is to provide delicious Japanese food to as many people as possible.

Team Company: Minori Co. Ltd.

Minori is a registered agriculture business in Chiba. We grow crops such as rice and a variety of vegetables and fruits on our fields and raise chicken on our free-range poultry farms. We are now striving to get Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and HACCP certified. To meet demand and further widen our production range and capacity, we built a new food processing plant for vegetable and meat processing, side dish production, bread, sweets and confectionery production in Tako-machi in 2019.

Team Company: Sennoha Co. Ltd.

At Sennoha we specialize on vegetable and fruit processing as well as retail sales. We operate direct sales spots and supermarkets, and organize weekly farmer’s markets where consumers can buy fresh agricultural products at reasonable prices. By partnering with local farmers, we provide them with sales channels to sell their produce to end-consumers.

Bread, Sweets & Confectionery Team

Our Bread, Sweets & Confectionery Team prides itself in offering the most variety of halal bread, sweets & confectionery products made in Japan. Besides wholesale to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, we also provide bread to schools and for events. We also take special orders for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions and encourage you to try out our tasty breads and sweets!

Team Company: Three M Co. Ltd.

Three M operates the International Cooperation Japanese Language Institute, a Japanese language school located in Tako, Chiba. We support overseas students and foreigners living in Japan to master the Japanese language and experience Japanese culture. We strive to offer our students and our Japanese neighbors opportunities for cultural exchange, as well as agricultural experiences through our partner farms.

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